3 Best Canned Spinach

Eating healthily can be hard work – keeping track of calories, reaching the right balance of clean proteins and carbohydrates… it can all be overwhelming! But one thing that’s super easy is reaching your recommended daily servings of veggies: canned spinach!

Packed full with protein and calcium as well as important vitamins like A, C, and K, this unique green veggie offers so much to health conscious people. Not only is it easy to store and versatile in its use (spinach goes great in salads, sandwiches, soups, omelettes…just to name a few!), but it can also provide the vital nutrients you need to achieve or maintain a balanced diet.

So find some canned spinach next time you’re at the supermarket – your body will thank you for it!

All three of the canned spinach products listed are healthy and delicious ways to add vegetables to your diet.


– Del Monte Canned Fresh Cut Leaf Spinach

– Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Spinach

– Allen’s Popeye Spinach

#1 Del Monte Canned Fresh Cut Leaf Spinach

Del Monte Canned Fresh Cut Leaf Spinach is a healthy and convenient way to get your daily vegetable servings.

Best Features

Fresh and delicious spinach, picked at peak of freshness, with no artificial flavors or preservatives

Del Monte Canned Fresh Cut Leaf Spinach is the perfect way to get your daily dose of greens without worrying about flavor, freshness, and preservatives. Del Monte takes the best of what nature offers and packs it up for you. The spinach is picked at its peak of freshness, bringing you a delicious flavor in every can. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any artificial flavors or preservatives, as nothing but love and good stuff go into each can.

Contains only three ingredients: spinach, water, and sea salt; cooks in minutes

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of spinach, Del Monte Canned Fresh Cut Leaf Spinach is the answer. This product contains only three ingredients – spinach, water and sea salt – so you know you’re getting pure nutrition with no unnecessary additives.

Plus, it can be cooked in minutes on the stove or in the microwave, making it a great choice for busy people who still care about eating healthy. Not only does this canned spinach offer a delicious and nutritious side dish option, but it also allows you to rest assured knowing that you are making a healthy choice with simple ingredients!

Perfect for adding to any dish, or stand alone as a side dish; a sure way to elevate your meal

Del Monte Canned Fresh Cut Leaf Spinach is perfect for giving any dish an extra boost. Whether you’re looking to add some volume to a main course or just give your side dish options more excitement, it’s the perfect addition. Its richness and deep flavor pairs beautifully with dishes from all corners of the globe–add in some protein and grains and you’ve got yourself a full, balanced meal packed with deliciousness.


– Fresh and delicious spinach, picked at peak of freshness

– No artificial flavors or preservatives

– Contains only three ingredients: spinach, water, and sea salt

– Cooks in minutes


– None

#2 Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Spinach

Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Spinach is the perfect side dish to any meal.

Best Features

Selected when ripe, seasoned in the traditional Southern Style and cooked to perfection

Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Spinach truly lives up to its name – it’s the ultimate comfort food. This convenient frozen veggie is made using only the best ingredients and minimally-processed vegetables that allow you to enjoy the full flavor of their naturally-ripened, plump delightful leaves.

Their signature southern-style seasoning gives these greens a unique flavor that pays beautiful homage to traditional southern cuisine. Plus, since this spinach has been cooked to perfection already, all you have to do is heat and serve!

Open a can and enjoy the goodness of lovingly prepared vegetables with a delicious flavor

Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Spinach is an easy and convenient way to get your vegetables in! It’s lovingly prepared with a delicious flavor, so forget about spending time prepping and cooking your own. Enjoy the flavor, plus all the health benefits that come with it, without any of the hassle. Open up a can, and you’ve got yourself a tasty side or snack in no time flat!

Goes through rigorous selection so you can be sure of the freshness and quality in every bite

If you’re looking for spinach, you want the quality to be top-notch. Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Spinach strives to provide that with its rigorous selection process – they don’t settle for anything less than the best.

That way, every bite is filled with freshness and integrity, giving customers that added peace of mind. All the hard work goes into selecting nothing but the finest leaves, which results in a premium product tailor-made for flavor lovers.


– Selected when ripe

– Seasoned in the traditional Southern Style

– Cooked to perfection

– Great for comfort food lovers

– Convenient frozen veggie

– Made with only the best ingredients

– Minimally processed vegetables


– The taste could have been better

#3 Allen’s Popeye Spinach

Allen’s Popeye Spinach is a new product that is hitting the shelves this year.

Best Features

Convenient, versatile canned spinach with Popeye the Sailor Man on the label

If you’re looking for a convenient and versatile way to amp up your veggie intake, look no further than Allen’s Popeye Spinach! Featuring Popeye the Sailor Man on the label, this canned spinach is the perfect addition to any meal you have in mind.

From omelettes and frittatas to casseroles and side dishes, Allen’s Popeye Spinach is an easy and nutritious way to take your meals up a notch. And with so much iron per can, you’ll get clean energy from spinach every day. Try out Allen’s Popeye Spinach today for a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t sacrifice deliciousness!

Real timesaver, no thawing required for use

If you want to get your daily dose of veggies without the hassle of waiting for them to thaw, Allen’s Popeye Spinach is your ideal choice. With no thawing required, all it takes is a few seconds and you can have Vitamin A-packed spinach at your fingertips.

The convenience offered by pre-packaged, no thawing needed spinach ensures that eating right can be a part of even the busiest family’s routine. Alleviating the amount of time spent preparing meals means more time can be spent together as a family, doing what matters most!

Great taste and nutrition – perfect substitute for frozen spinach in recipes

Allen’s Popeye Spinach is the perfect solution for anyone looking to substitute frozen spinach in recipes. It has great taste, plus all the best nutrition that you’d expect from spinach. Not only that, but Allen’s Popeye Spinach is also so much easier to prepare, saving time with minimal fuss.

All these benefits make it a great alternative to frozen spinach when making dishes like lasagna and frittatas. If you’re looking for a nutritious vegetable with unbeatable flavor, then Allen’s Popeye Spinach is the perfect choice.


-Convenient, versatile canned spinach with Popeye the Sailor Man on the label

-No thawing required for use

-Great taste and nutrition – perfect substitute for frozen spinach in recipes


-The taste could have been better

How to Choose the Best Canned Spinach

Now that you have seen our top picks for Best Canned Spinach, you might be wondering which one is best for you? The answer depends on the following considerations.

Consider the Nutrition

When it comes to choosing the best canned spinach for your health, you need to consider the nutrition. Firstly, look for a variety with no added salt or sugar. Then, pay attention to the check labels for the type and amount of fat contained in each can. Make sure that the sodium levels are moderate as well and don’t go above what is recommended by dietary guidelines.

To get the maximum nutrition out of your purchase, try to stick with organic canned spinach as much as possible. Finally, always opt for a can size that realistically meets your needs so you don’t end up wasting food at the same time too!

Consider the Ingredients

When you’re in the market for canned spinach, be sure to consider the ingredients. Whether it’s organic or non-organic, going for higher quality is always the right move. High-end spinach should contain iron and potassium without any added preservatives or additives – and only a minimal amount of salt.

Compare labels and look for one that contains as few ingredients as possible. If it has terms labelled that are unrecognizable, such as “added stabilizers” or “food colorings”, it might be best to find another option. Take your time to look at nutrition facts carefully before making a selection. Then you can enjoy your healthy spinach with confidence, knowing you made the best choice!

Consider the Price

When it comes to choosing the best canned spinach, don’t let price be the only factor you take into consideration! You want to make sure you’re getting a quality product that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck. Check if the ingredients list is clear and concise without any suspicious-sounding fillers or additives.

Also, check for an expiration date on the can—expired food isn’t going to provide as much nutritional value as fresh produce. In addition, if you can buy in bulk from a wholesaler, do! It might cost more upfront but it will work out cheaper in the long run and you’ll be able to keep your pantry stocked with nutritious spinach all year round!


After looking at each of the canned spinach options, it’s tough to draw a definite conclusion on which one is the best; This is because what may work great for one person, such as price or ingredients, could be a non-issue for someone else. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what qualities are important when it comes to selecting canned spinach and make sure you get one that satisfies all your needs. Thankfully, whichever option you choose we can be sure that there will be plenty of benefits from including this nutritious green in your diet.


Q: What is the difference between canned spinach and fresh spinach?

A: Canned spinach has a longer shelf life than fresh spinach, but typically contains more sodium than its fresh counterpart. However, it still can be a nutritious option as long as you watch your salt intake from other sources. Additionally, canned spinach is much more convenient as it doesn’t need to be washed, trimmed, or cooked.

Q: Does canned spinach have any other benefits?

A: Yes! Canned spinach is a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin K, which are essential nutrients that help support vision and bone health. Additionally, it contains dietary fiber and iron which are important for a healthy digestive system and preventing anemia.

Q: Is it alright to eat canned spinach on its own?

A: Yes, it’s perfectly safe to eat canned spinach as a stand-alone dish or mixed into other recipes. However, for optimal nutrition, you should try to mix in some fresh produce whenever possible. Additionally, make sure to check the ingredients list and look for one that has minimal added preservatives or fillers.

Q: How should I store canned spinach?

A: Canned spinach should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is also important to keep it away from any sources of heat, such as a stovetop. Additionally, it is advised to check for an expiration date before purchasing and consume the product within its “best by” date. Once opened, any remaining spinach should be refrigerated and consumed within 2-3 days.