2 Best Canned Sweet Potatoes

Hey there sweet potato lover! If you’re anything like us, you just can’t get enough of the orange treasures. Canned sweet potatoes are the perfect solution for getting your fix.

Their portability and convenience make them a great on-the-go snack or meal addition, while also containing an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy. Not to mention, canned sweet potatoes still offer all the delectable flavor that freshly cooked ones do.

Plus, by saving you time in the kitchen, they grant more opportunities to enjoy all those other things in life that bring us joy – maybe a favorite movie or extra minutes with family? All this makes canned sweet potatoes a must-have item in our pantries.

There are two types of canned sweet potatoes that will be overviewed in this article. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, but overall they are both great products to have on hand.


Product 1: Farmer’s Market Foods Canned Organic Sweet Potato Puree

Product 2: Bruce’s Yams, Sweet Potatoes in Syrup Can

#1 Farmer’s Market Foods Canned Organic Sweet Potato Puree

Farmer’s Market Foods Canned Organic Sweet Potato Puree is a healthy and convenient option for people on the go.

Best Features

Enjoy natural sweetness in a wide variety of dishes, such as sweet potato pie, pancakes, muffins, biscuits or even bisque

Farmer’s Market Foods Canned Organic Sweet Potato Puree is a great choice for adding natural sweetness to any dish! If you’re looking to add something a little extra indulgence to your favorite recipes, this sweet potato puree can do the trick. It’s loaded with flavor and offers all of the benefits of organic ingredients, without packing in added sugar.

Sweet potato pie, pancakes, muffins, biscuits or even a delicious bisque- all benefit from the texture and taste of this all-natural sweet potato puree.

Each can is easy to open and is perfect for meal prepping or stocking the pantry

Canned organic sweet potato puree is a kitchen essential that saves time and money. With each can being easy to open, prepping meals becomes effortless as there’s no peeling or cutting necessary. It also makes stocking the pantry easier since it has a long shelf life; you don’t have to worry about using up what you buy quickly. This version of sweet potato puree is not only more convenient than fresh counterparts, but it’s also free from preservatives and other artificial ingredients.

Certified Organic product of the USA

Eating organic is becoming increasingly popular, and it can be hard to find the highest-quality organic produce. Luckily, you don’t have to go all the way to your local farmers’ market for certified organic produce anymore! Farmer’s Market Foods Canned Organic Sweet Potato Puree is a 100% USDA-certified product of the USA that comes right in a can.

Not only do you get top-quality ingredients, but their process also uses shorter cooking times, resulting in a product with an incredibly smooth and delicious taste. With this easy-to-find grocery item, it’s easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of eating certified organic food!


– Certified Organic

– 100% USDA Certified Product of the USA

– Short cooking times result in a smooth and delicious taste

– Convenient for on-the-go


– None

#2 Bruce’s Yams, Sweet Potatoes in Syrup Can

Bruce’s Yams, Sweet Potatoes in Syrup Can is a product that can be found on the shelves of most grocery stores.

Best Features

Deliciously sweet and tender

Bruce’s Yams, Sweet Potatoes in Syrup Can is one of the most flavorful treats out there! The sweet potatoes are so deliciously sweet and tender, you’ll swear you’re eating candy. Not only is it incredibly tasty, this treat also has some great health benefits: the syrup ensures that each bite has a good dose of iron, vitamins A & C, and other essential minerals. You can indulge without feeling guilty.

Superior quality

Bruce’s Yams, Sweet Potatoes in Syrup Can are the gold standard of quality when it comes to canned sweet potatoes. These yams are packed with key vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle. The syrup enhances the natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes, creating a delicious flavor no other product can match. Its superior pairings make this product ideal for those looking for something more than just an ordinary side dish.

Cans are sealed for freshness and can be stored in a cool

Bruce’s Yams, Sweet Potatoes in Syrup Can are perfect for storing in a cool dark pantry or cupboard. The cans are sealed with care and provide a safe airtight container to keep the delicious contents fresh and flavorful. Not only that, but their long shelf-life makes them ideal pantry staples.

So when life gets busy, you can always trust that your Bruce’s Yams, Sweet Potatoes in Syrup will be there waiting. With easy open lids and no preservatives, they make sweet potato recipes even easier to whip up on a whim!


-Deliciously sweet and tender

-Superior quality

-Cans are sealed for freshness and can be stored in a cool



How to Choose the Best Canned Sweet Potatoes

Now that you have seen our top picks for Best Canned Sweet Potatoes, you might be wondering which one is best for you? The answer depends on the following considerations.

Determining Organic Content

You know what it’s like when you need to make a dish that calls for sweet potatoes. It can sometimes be difficult to decide if you should go with canned sweet potatoes, or just buy some fresh ones and start from scratch. Well, if you go the canned route, one of the most important things to determine is the amount of organic content each brand includes in their product.

This can be a daunting task, however it can guarantee better tasting and healthier results in the end! To make sure you get those perfect mashed sweet potatoes that everyone loves, be sure to check out labels for organic content before purchasing so your dish has that extra flavor boost.

Choosing Between Syrup or Puree Options

Choosing between syrup or puree options on canned sweet potatoes is a matter of personal preference. With syrup, you’ll get the sweeter flavor and more pronounced sweetness in your dish. If you’re looking for more of a savory side, go with the puree option – it has more earthy tones and subtle undertones that pair better with other ingredients. Either way, you can’t go wrong: both types of canned sweet potatoes will provide a delicious addition to any meal!

Examining Labels and Ingredient Lists

When it comes to choosing the best canned sweet potatoes, looking at labels and ingredient lists can really help you make an informed decision. So, take a walk down the grocery aisle and read those labels! Compare brands and varieties to determine which works best for your recipe.

Read through the ingredient list, watch out for any added sugars or preservatives you may want to avoid. Get to know what’s inside that can – it’s sure to save you time while ensuring you’re getting the highest quality sweet potatoes around!

Evaluating Availability and Price Points

Choosing the best canned sweet potatoes can be a difficult process. Evaluating both the availability and price point of your desired brand is key in making the right decision for you. In addition to checking your local stores, make sure to also browse online so as not to miss out on any global deals.

Lastly, make sure to compare prices between retailers, as even a small difference can really add up over a period of time! Take the time to evaluate both availability and price points before deciding which brand of canned sweet potatoes is right for you.


Choosing the best canned sweet potatoes can be a bit tricky, but making informed decisions goes a long way. You should consider all factors like texture, flavor, preservatives, and nutritional value when looking for the right brand. All things considered, doing a bit of leg work to discover which company offers the optimal combination of these four requirements is worth your time and energy. This will ensure that you get the most out of your money while satisfying your sweet potato cravings.


Q: How long do canned sweet potatoes last?

A: Generally speaking, a can of sweet potatoes should last for up to two years when stored in a cool and dry place. However, make sure to double-check the can’s expiration date for accuracy.

Q: Are canned sweet potatoes healthy?

A: Yes, canned sweet potatoes are a healthy and convenient option. Canned sweet potatoes are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, and other essential minerals. However, make sure to check the ingredient list for any added sugars or preservatives!

Q: Can I freeze canned sweet potatoes?

A: Yes, you can freeze canned sweet potatoes for up to three months. However, make sure to discard any leftovers after thawing as they will not be safe to eat. Be sure to always cook frozen sweet potatoes before consuming!

Q: What is the difference between syrup and puree options in canned sweet potatoes?

A: The syrup option will provide a sweeter flavor and more pronounced sweetness to your dish. On the other hand, the puree option will offer more earthy tones and subtle undertones that pair better with other ingredients. It is a matter of personal preference which option you choose!